•  Studio Technical Services   Recording studio maintenance, production of custom studio equipment.  Repairs. Custom wiring. Modifications. Racking of channelstrips, cassettes and modules. (Neve, Neumann, SSL, Siemens, Telefunken, TAB, etcetera.)
  • Assembly of TOTAL AUDIO CONTROL racks and modules for the dutch and belgian clients, and assembly upon request of various brands 500 format modules.
  • production of Beltman Audio Studio Equipment  limited editions studio tools.

Custom Built Audio tools.

Studio Technical Services

  • Approved builder and reseller of  Total Audio Control modules and racks in The Netherlands, for instance EQ ONE, MICPRE ONE, MidSide ONE and more
  • Opon request also assembly of  CAPI and other brands of 500 format modules.
  • assembly of various Direct Inject plugins andDiscrete Op Amps (DOA) like GAR2520, 1731, 918 & Urei MOD-1.
  • Custom racking of channelstrips and modules. Experience with Siemens / Telefunken / Tab / Neumann modules, SSL 5000 cassettes, DDA, Soundcraft, 500 series, Neve V strips, and more.
  • Upgrade DOA opamps for e.g. Lindell eq’s.
  • overhauls, repairs,  recapservice, and modifications on existing equipment.
  • Much experience with design and production  of custom wiring of patchpanels D Sub looms, adapters, snakes, etcetera.
  • In the past years Paul gained much expertise on the  Solid State Logic SSL SL5000 series modules and consoles.


Please note : The studio is not available for hire anymore, but is used by Paul for his own projects, and of course for testruns of the built and repaired equipment.

Console : Solid State Logic SSL 5000 custom.

Monitoring : Yamaha NS10M, Visaton, Logitech, Sony, Grado Labs, Sennheiser

Software : Cubase pro 8.5, Harrison Mixbus, Hofa DDP

PC setup : G45 Z87 MoBo, i7, 16GB ram, Samsung and Kingston SSD’s, Motu 1296×2, Motu 2408, Midiman Midi interfaces, Custom DAW controllers.

Plugins : Universal Audio, Waves, Slate Digital, Toontrack, Nomad Factory, Eventide, Melodyne, Brainworx, SSL Duende, Steinberg.

Outboard : Audient GEQ231, Lexicon LXP15-II, TC Helicon Voiceworks Plus, UA opto based LA2a, Siemens pultec enhanced U274, SPL Channel One, Focusrite Tone Factory DI/ Re-amper (2x), various Line6 products, Aphex C104.

SSL 5000 format patchable modules : Nite 3d EQ clones in M/S setup, SSL 552 modified Buscompressor, Neumann W492 stereo EQ, Trident S80 eq’s, SSL 555f ListenMicCompressor.

500 style modules : CAPI VP26, VP312, and VP28, Total Audio Control Micpre One and Three, EQ One (x2), MidSide One. SSL 9k pre amp clones, (3x), Radial Engineering EX-TC, Lindell Audio 77×500 , Modified Fredenstein Artistic Comps (2x), Aphex BB 500 exciter (2x),

Mics : Audix, Sennheiser, Shure, SE electronics, Apex, Gatt Audio, AKG, Telefunken, etc.

Guitarstuff : Jackson Warrior, Jackson professional Rhoads, Al Stevenson strat, BCRich modified Bich, BCRich P7 warlock, Ovation Celebrity semi acoustic. Junkyard classical guitar, Line6 Pod HD500X, 2x Peavey KB60 amps.

Drums : Acoustic : Yamaha Stage Custom 2×22″ bassdrums, 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″toms, 16″floor. Steel and maple snaredrums. Axis Longboard A2 pedals, customized Basix twinpedal (longboard).


Beltman Audio

c/o Paul Beltman

Schaapsdrift 125

6902 AC Zevenaar

The Netherlands

06 3059 2668