Beltman Audio : the end.

Beltman Audio will no longer be active. Too busy with family life, my bands, and my normal dayjob.

Warranties and/or service on Beltman Audio products will be maintained. Contact for information in case needed.



Beltman Audio.


First Beltman Audio studio equipment (BAse) compressor installed, at White Noise Studio Winterswijk.

Putting the BAse buscompressor through it’s paces. Its the blue unit, on top of the picture.The unit is built by Paul…

Posted by White Noise Studio on Saturday, September 1, 2018

Telefunken TD60

Today I had a little bit of time to check and repair the mics of Thomas .

A Rode NT1a iss3, and a Telefunken TD-60.

The Rode was an easy fix, but for the TD-60 I had to reverse engineer the thing, and disassembling was quite daunting to do without damaging the enclosure .
Unfortunately, the mic element itself is broken. Surely it can be fixed, but it will not be worth the effort or costs. But now I know how to disassemble the TD60, and I have a schematic of it
Very cool mic, one of my favourite dynamic mics. And it looks awesome too, haha !

Website update in progress

Still working on the website !

I’ve setup the webshop recently. Some products need to be added, and, I’ve started changing the language from dutch to english.

There are also a few new products coming up in the nearby future. They still need to be designed before I can put it in production, but I’ve got the schematics and details in my head. Now I must find the time to put it in action, hahaha !

Mix room eindelijk klaar

Eindelijk is mijn mixroom klaar qua inrichting en soundtreatment. De apparatuur setup blijft uiteraard nog wel wat wisselen 😉  Hier even een fotootje vanaf  de mobiele telefoon, een paar goede fotoos zullen zeker nog toegevoegd worden op deze website !

Where Maggots Feast EP released

De Where Maggots Feast EP die is gemixt door Paul Beltman is sinds deze week released op Bandcamp en Spotify.