About Paul

Beltman Audio is run by Paul Beltman.

Paul is a musician, recording engineer/producer, and skilled electronics builder. Initially, Beltman Audio is setup to be able to do all these things officially, but due to a lack of time, the recording studio is currently only available for Paul’s own bands River Of Souls and Grindpad.

As electronics tech, Paul worked at Faber Electronics in the end assemblies and testdepartment, and at RTD at the electronics repair department.

He also made an amount of custombuilt equipment for both his own and other studios. Various projects, like 2 custom smallframe SSL 5000 consoles, Compression enhanced SSL modules, various Pultec inspired equalisers (Discreet transistor and tubecircuits), and many more ‘one of’s.

As recording engineer and/or producer,  Paul worked on many albums between 2000 and 2006, for instance; Fluisterwoud, Putrefied, Blastcorps, Dimensional Psychosis, Klojo’s, Caedere, Infinited Hate, FartFarmers, Supreme Pain, Warchitect, and many more.  In 2016, Paul got active in recording/mixing again, after a 10 year break…… Since then, Paul recorded “The Well of Urd” cd of River of Souls, Where Maggots Feast EP, Grindpad’s Sharkbite,  Big Daddy’s Breakfast Voodoo ‘Snake Oil” . Recently finished the new EP of River of Souls, entitled “The Nihilist”, mixed by Freek Philippi, and produced by Paul.

As musician,  Paul has played drums in the bands Sinister, Judgement Day,  Supreme Pain and a few other bands. He also has been active as session drummer on albums of Infinited Hate,  Fondle Corpse, and a few more projects. Currently Paul plays drums in Utrecht based thrashband Grindpad, and plays guitar in deathdoomband River Of Souls.

The goals for 2018 are :

-Small productionrun of dedicated compression enhanced SSL amps. Optinally with original SSL analog active summing circuitry.

-a quantity of Total Audio Control assemblies of EQ One, MICPRE One and Three, MS One, and COMPRESSOR One.

-design and production of various small audio tools and sub assemblies.

-recording new albums with Grindpad and River Of Souls !