Total Audio Control – Micpre Three – Silver/gray version


Total Audio Control – Micpre Three – Silver/gray version

500 format Micpre . Designed by Graham Langley.


Available on backorder


Total Audio Control – Micpre Three – Silver/gray version

500 format Micpre. Designed by Graham Langley.

Assembled , tested and calibrated by Beltman Audio, approved builder and reseller for Total Audio Control in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Built on order, delivery time is approx 4 weeks.

Price includes 21% VAT

Comes with 3 year warranty


MICPRE THREE is a cost effective version of MICPRE ONE with the instrument input, monitor output and metering omitted. The main audio path is identical to MICPRE ONE with fully balanced topology with parallel matched transistor and constant current source.Exceptional noise performance has been achieved particularly at low gain settings.

0dB to 66dB of gain is selected in 6dB steps by a rotary switch and this is followed by the fader stage which provides an additional 4dB of gain and up to 24dB of control to adjust between switch settings and also to attenuate the final output to suit user interface.

Switches are fitted for input impedance selection, a passive high pass filter before the preamplifier, phase and phantom power.

Typical specifications both paths:

Mic. input impedance:  switchable 5k ohms/600 ohms
Maximum gain:  switchable 70dB
High pass filter:  120Hz @ 6dB/octave (nominal).
Frequency response:  +/- 0.5dB, 20Hz-80kHz (up to 60dB gain)
Phase response (EQ out):   +/-30 deg., 20Hz-80kHz (up to 60dBgain).
Maximum output (into 100k ohms):  +27dBu
THD&N (+10dBu input signal):  better than 0.05%, 20Hz-20kHz (up to 60dBgain).
Mic. EIN, 22Hz-22kHz, RMS, 150 ohm source:  -128dBu.
Output impedance (main and THRU):  75 ohms