Studio Technical Services

  • Approved builder and reseller of  Total Audio Control modules and racks in The Netherlands, for instance EQ ONE, MICPRE ONE, MidSide ONE and more
  • Opon request also assembly of  CAPI and other brands of 500 format modules.
  • assembly of various Direct Inject plugins andDiscrete Op Amps (DOA) like GAR2520, 1731, 918 & Urei MOD-1.
  • Custom racking of channelstrips and modules. Experience with Siemens / Telefunken / Tab / Neumann modules, SSL 5000 cassettes, DDA, Soundcraft, 500 series, Neve V strips, and more.
  • Upgrade DOA opamps for e.g. Lindell eq’s.
  • overhauls, repairs,  recapservice, and modifications on existing equipment.
  • Much experience with design and production  of custom wiring of patchpanels D Sub looms, adapters, snakes, etcetera.
  • In the past years Paul gained much expertise on the  Solid State Logic SSL SL5000 series modules and consoles.